Billing and Payment
Receiving Your Student Refunds
As part of the University's sustainability mission, Penn does not issue paper checks
Receive your student account refunds one of two ways:
Direct Deposit 
Your refund is automatically deposited into your personal U.S. bank account.
If you’re already enrolled in Direct Deposit, you’re all set. If not, sign up now using your U.S. bank account, or select a local bank.
The ADP TotalPay® Card system
Your refund is automatically loaded onto a Visa debit card.
What is Direct Deposit?
Direct Deposit is a quick and easy option if you have a U.S. checking and/or savings account. Your pay/refund is automatically deposited into your designated account every payday or when you are eligible for a student account refund. You'll have immediate access to your funds. Click here to enroll (Penn can only accept one direct deposit account per student). Looking for a local bank? Click here for a listing.
What is the TotalPay® Card System?
Penn has partnered with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) to provide the TotalPay® Card system, which includes a Visa debit card, a small supply of checks, and a personalized online account.  

The TotalPay® Card system is a comprehensive, flexible way for you to receive refunds from your student billing account. Payment is automatically loaded onto the TotalPay® Card every payday, or when you become eligible for a refund. You will have immediate access to your funds.

You can use the TotalPay® Card just like a debit card: for purchases, to pay bills online, withdraw money from ATMs, and get cash back after purchases. You can also cash a check for the full amount of your pay and refund(s), or write checks, provided by ADP, against your TotalPay® account. 

Read more about the TotalPay® Card, or call ADP at 1-877-237-4321. See terms and conditions.
How do I check or update my address associated with my TotalPay® Card?
To view or update your mailing address associated with your TotalPay® Card account, go to  and log into your account.  Select Update Profile to review or update your mailing address.
How will I get a TotalPay® Card?
I received my student refunds via a paper check last academic year: When you become eligible for a refund, Penn will forward information to ADP and you will receive a TotalPay® Card kit within 7 business days. It will be delivered in a plain white envelope to your ‘local address’ on Penn InTouch. Note that you can sign up any time for Direct Deposit if you prefer.
Are there costs associated with the TotalPay® Card?
You can use your TotalPay® Card at all AllPoint ATMs nationwide at no charge. To find the nearest in-network ATM, visit or call 800-809-0308. Most services associated with your card are free. However, there are fees for some services such as using out-of-network ATMs, or replacing a lost or stolen card. Read about cardholder fees, how to avoid them.
Where can I go to get cash for funds on the TotalPay® Card?

Visa member banks will give cash back up to the value on the paycard

Bank Of America 3925 Walnut Street
Wells Fargo Bank 3431 Chestnut Street
PNC Bank 3535 Market Street OR
200 South 40th Street
TD Bank 38th And Walnut Streets
United Bank Of Philadelphia 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue
Citizens Bank Of Pennsylvania 134 South 34th Street
University of Pennsylvania Student Federal Credit Union 3401 Walnut Street, Suite 431-A
U of P Federal Credit Union 3900 Chestnut Street


I have received a TotalPay® Card. Can I still enroll in Direct Deposit?
Yes, you can enroll in Direct Deposit at any time.  Once your bank information is submitted and verified, Direct Deposit will become the method of payment for you. It takes 2-3 weeks to verify your information. (Penn can only accept one direct deposit account per student). Direct Deposit overrides the TotalPay®  Card.
I'm enrolled in direct deposit and am changing banks. Will there be a delay in receiving my wages and/or refund?
Bank account changes result in a two to three week interruption of your direct deposit service. During this time, Penn’s partner, ADP, will mail you a TotalPay®Card  (i.e.,VISA® debit card), and any refunds payable during the interruption will be loaded onto the card.  When your new direct deposit account becomes active, refunds will once again be directly deposited.
How do I retrieve my TotalPay® Card account information or check my account balance?
To view your account information and account balance, go to  There is no fee for using this website.  You can also opt to receive text message balance alerts, or call the the ADP TotalPay® Card customer service team at 1-877-ADP-4321.
What should I do if my card is lost, stolen or damaged?
Report it immediately.  Contact ADP TotalPay® Card customer service team at 1-877-ADP-4321 or access the website top report a lost, stolen or damaged card.  A new card will be sent to you.
Who should I contact with general questions or with questions about specific purchases on my card?  
If you have questions about specific purchases or have additional questions about the TotalPay® Card, contact the ADP TotalPay® Card customer service team at 1-877- ADP-4321 or visit the website.
 Additional TotalPay® FAQ's from ADP

ADP TotalPay® Card
Phone   1.877.237.4321

Phone  215.898.1988



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