Pennant is Penn’s suite of next-generation student information systems.

The Pennant suite includes several components. In order to do your job effectively, you may need to learn one or more of them.

Determine what training is best for you by reviewing Pennant access & training.

Search the catalog here for the name of the course(s) you need to take.

  Schedule of courses for Graduate Funding and Feeder Application are listed on Pennant access & training.

  All other Pennant Accounts courses will be available in Knowledge Link starting in late Summer 2015. Some are available online and some are classroom instructor-led.

  View online Pennant Accounts courses by logging in to Knowledge Link, searching for the course title, and clicking “Self-Assign Curriculum”. Your curriculum page will open with the course now listed. 

  Register for instructor-led Pennant Accounts courses by logging in to Knowledge Link.
Resources for Pennant users
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