Job Listing Service

  • The Job Listing Service is for Philadelphia businesses, organizations or individuals who wish to create a non-work-study job. Please fill out the form to the right to sign up for the service.
  • Itís the studentís responsibility to schedule an interview with the employer. The employer determines a studentís suitability for a position.
  • We do NOT post jobs for the following reasons:
    • Commission only positions.
    • Employment agencies that charge fees to the students.
    • Volunteer positions.
    • Full-time positions, especially those intended for post graduation. Please contact Pennís Career Services.
    • Summer internships. Please contact Pennís Career Services.

Account Registration

Please read the notes in the box on the left, then fill out this form to register for the Job Listing Service.

Only use this screen if you represent a Philadelphia business, organization or individual.
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