Paying for a Penn Education
Undergraduate Cost of Attendance
Academic Year 2015-2016
Undergraduate Cost of Attendance
Budget Items Living On/Off Campus Living at Home With Family
Tuition and Fees $49,536 $49,536
Housing 9,060 0
Dining 4,930 2,290
Books 1,250 1,250
Personal 2,024 2,024
Total Budget $66,800 $55,100
Tuition and fees are fixed costs. Mandatory fees include the general fee, recreation fee, the student health clinical fee, and the educational technology fee; other fees may be charged that are not included in the cost of attendance.
The housing allowance is based on the median room rate in the University College Houses whether or not you live on campus*.
The dining allowance enables residential students to choose a meal plan best suited to their needs. For students living at home with their family, an allowance for dining away from home is included.*
The allowance for books is an estimate of the annual cost for these items.
Personal expenses includes allowances for clothing, laundry, and recreation.
* All freshmen, and first-year transfer and exchange students, will be required to live on campus and participate in a dining plan during their first year of enrollment.
There may be additional expenses not listed in the cost of attendance. These expenses could include: lab fees, the College House Program fee, if you live in College Housing, the New Student Orientation fee, and student health insurance (see below). Click here for an explanation of fees.

Student Health Insurance
All full-time students must maintain health insurance coverage. If a student is not covered under a policy that meets University requirements, the student will automatically be enrolled in the Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP). Cost and details are available at the Student Health Services website at
The cost of attendance for LPS students varies, as it is based on the number of courses in which a student is enrolled. Costs are based on LPS tuition rates.
The basic cost of attendance includes tuition, fees and books. Penn expects living and personal expenses to be covered by the income of the student’s spouse. Students who are not married, or whose spouse is a student, may have a supplement added to the basic cost of attendance to assist with living expenses. Penn has limited funds to support the individual non-educational financial needs of married students and students with dependents. Contact an Assistant Director for guidance.


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