Penn has partnered with Heartland to provide eRefunds through Penn.Pay. Please log in to Penn.Pay and you will be prompted to input your direct deposit information If you expect to receive a student account refund, you must have a valid local address, local phone number, and email address on file in order to sign up for direct deposit and to receive a refund.  To update your local address, select “Address Information” under “Profile, Privacy & Emergency” on the Penn InTouch menu. To update your email address, please login to the Penn DirectoryPlease note that you will need to complete this process even if you have previously signed up for direct deposit through the University’s payroll system.

Penn.Pay offers easy online enrollment, real time detail charges and payments, and optional interest-free payment plans using a single set of account sign-on credentials for students and parents:

Students: Click here to login to the Penn.Pay site using your PennKey and password to setup your payment accounts. You must invite your authorized other payers. For detailed instructions on how to use the site, please review the Penn.Pay Student User Guide.
Once you login to the Penn.Pay site using your PennKey and password, select the “Payment Plans” tab and “Enroll Now” to enroll in the Fall or Spring semester.
Parents/Other Payers: Once you receive your invitation from your student, click here to set up your new account. Please share this information with your student. It is required that students invite payers.
Please see our Penn.Pay FAQ if you have any questions about Penn.Pay
Please see our Penn Payment Plan Getting Started/FAQ if you have any questions about the Penn Payment Plan
Penn.Pay Student User Guide


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